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Faction:Rodcet Nife
Possible Classes:Bruiser
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Epic x4
Purpose:Legendary Denizen of Disease
Classifications:Biped, Living, Nocharm, Nodrag, Nomemwipe, Terrestrial
Grants AA

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Known Info

The green Alien avatar.

Greetings earthling, we only need to probe.....

Raid Strats

This is a gear/ spell quality/ know how to effectivly dps/ joust/ debuff fight that requires 1 tank group.

Gear quality is very important in this fight, wear as much critical mitigation pieces that you can afford without crippling your class.

This is an avatar level fight, Pulling and wiping is part of learning the encounter.

This fight requires increaed physical mitigation for better surviviablity for those who will get one shotted more than likely.

This is a TIMED fight. You have roughly around 6-7 minutes before you recieve BATTLE weary. Then an additional 2 minutes before you get the next Tier of battle weary.

If you recieve the 2nd tier of battle weary, don't expect to live through the next AE.

Healing Abilities

  • Grummus heals every time a person dies using Consume Soul 481K every time a person dies. -DON'T DIE!!

Outgoing Damage

Melee Abilities

  • Crushing
  • Double attacks
  • Crits
Average hit between 9 and 14K. Average between 2 - 3 secondns once debuffed.

Power Drains

  • Plague Stomp
  • PlagueBound
  • Retribution of Grummus
  • Toxic Breath (Range based)


  • Gigantic Sweep * 55 - 60 second timer. If you do not have a VERY larger Hitpoint pool (20+ K) joust beyond 20 meters away
  • Plauge Stomp *
  • Retribution of Grummus *Damage Sheild stun.

  • Cure Poison

Strategy Overview

Tank Grummus at the tree near the spawn point of Avatar of Health and the MT Healers near the log on the ground.

Periodiclly throught the fight, you will have to pull a traumatic poxule and an arcane poxule.

Only Tanks and Scouts can kill one, and only healers and Mages can kill the other.

Take a wild guess which gets killed by which one.. ;)

If you do NOT kill a traumatic poxule and an arcane poxule in a timely manner, you will stun the people that can not target and DPS the poxule.

Thus, you may have healers who are unable to heal or tanks that are unable to taunt if they do not die FAST.

Periodiclly throught the fight, people will be cursed with a curse that reduces their Damage and heals. Key classes to cure are Healers and the MT.

You will find that curses come to fast to cure everyone and you must choose.

Periodiclly throught the fight, one person in the raid will recieve ultravision (purple vision), there will also be a beam of light spawned on the ground.

Heal Strategy

2 healers are required for each group to insure each group can handle the adds and pickup Zarrakon if required.

The 'weakest' healer should be assigned to the group where the tank is unlikely to pickup Zarrakon.

Tank Strategy

The tank responsible picking up the Wraith when it spawns and for picking up Zarrakon when the tank that has aggro gets a Wraith.

Also, tank communication is KEY and its required that tanks have the ability to dynamicly swap when a tank has a Bloodcurse. (red or purple vision)

DPS Strategy

DPS the wraith down and then DPS Zarrakon down.

The faster you DPS down the dragon, the easier the fight will be.

Special Team Strategy

The initation of this mob is to right click (from what I understand) the avatar of health, This will start stage one of the event.

Then you right click the avatar of disease.

This will give you a few seconds of dialog and then Grummus will spawn.

Add Mitigation Strategies

Encounter Diagram

Raid Groups

Each group requires 1 tank 2 healers (different types, aka druid / cleric) 1-2 regen (different types, aka bard, enchanter) 1-2 DPS.

2 regen is preferred for each group to ensure all groups have enough mana to DPS.

If 2 regen are not available for each group, then group power proccing gear my be beneficial for that group.


This fight is not hard. It just requireds you to watch your detrimental effects, know where to run, and do your job in EQ2 effectivly.

agile offensive unstable stalwart voidfield

voidstorm = bad

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