an ore hauler  

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Zone:The Mines of Meldrath
Faction:The Minions of Meldrath
Possible Classes:Shadowknight
Level:53 - 54
Difficulty:^ ^ Heroic
Classifications:Clockwork, Faydwer, Geometric, Inorganic, Magical, Noblooded, Terrestrial
NameLevelTypeDrop Rate
a clockwork thingamajig 0Item21%
a clockwork fuel cell 0Item21%
a clockwork spring 0Item21%
a bottle of clockwork grease 0Item21%
a clockwork ocular device 0Item21%
crooked crimped cog 0Item20%
rough nacre 0Item3.9122%
beryllium cluster 0Item3.9122%
soluble loam 0Item3.9122%
indium cluster 0Item3.9122%
Ring of Steam 50Accessory2%
Mechanized Legplates 50Armor2%
kinked clockwork key 0Item2%
Crystal-beaded Belt 50Accessory1%
small meaty bone 0Item1%
Tiny Cog Stud 50Accessory1%
flask of pure water 0Item1%
Advanced Adornments Volume 6 0Recipe Book1%
small bag of ammonium nitrate 0Item1%
Blueprint: Safety Recaller 0Recipe Book0.540%
Blueprint: Hovering Device 0Recipe Book0.500%
Star Sapphire Scrying Stone 0Item0.4138%
Bayberry Sealed Document 0Item0.4138%
Indicolite Relic 0Item0.4138%
Star Sapphire Amulet 0Item0.4138%
lambent material 0Item0.1597%
Iridescent Crystal 0Item0.125%
brightly glowing tome 0Item0.125%
blade leaf 0Item0.125%
old tinkered clock 0Item0.125%
aged platinum symbol 0Item0.125%
brimstone 0Item0.125%
eye of vul 0Item0.125%
blood flower 0Item0.125%
rough pearl 0Item0.0319%
vanadium cluster 0Item0.0319%
cobalt cluster 0Item0.0319%
alkali loam 0Item0.0319%