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Zone:A Maj'Dul Residence
Possible Classes:Mystic
Level:38 - 39
Classifications:Desert Of Ro, Human, Humanoid, Living, Organic, Terrestrial, Warmblooded

NameLevelTypeDrop Rate
dervish love note 0Item5%
Ruby Scrying Stone 0Item0.500%
Beeswax Sealed Document 0Item0.500%
Ebon Relic 0Item0.500%
Ruby Amulet 0Item0.500%
green colored gem shard 0Item0.100%
bluecapped mushroom 0Item0.100%
battle worn trinket 0Item0.100%
arena ticket 0Item0.100%
Karana Tear 0Item0.100%
golden emblem 0Item0.100%
amethyst amulet 0Item0.100%
Vox's Breath 0Item0.100%
Heart of the Teir'Dal 0Item0.100%
ancient pirate's eyepatch 0Item0.100%