Shadowed Tome of Ages Past  

Shadowed Tome of Ages Past
Zone:Tower of Frozen Shadow: The Frozen Library
Race:Book Minion
Possible Classes:Berserker
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Heroic
Classifications:Book Minion, Flying, Geometric, Living, Noblink, Noblooded, Nocharm, Organic
Grants AA
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Heroic Strategy

Tank and spank during the fight 3 level 94 mobs spawn: at 75% 50% 25% When adds pop the Tome will develop stone skin until the added mob is dead, he also spawns a summoned ancient blades during the encounter.

  • Tserrina Syl'Tor of Neriak - Resonant Memory of the Diary - Spawns at 75% Health
  • Mayong Mistmoore - Resonant Memory of the Diary - Spawns at 50% Health
  • Tserrina Syl'Tor - Resonant Memory of the Diary - Spawns at 25% Health
Kill them then go back to killing the Tome of Ages Past.

Epic x 2 Strategy

  1. This fight has a lot of DPS that will be hitting your main tank.
  2. Clear all the trash mobs in the room
  3. Kill Zorglim the Departed upstairs tank and spank to make Spectral Librarian Emiida active.
  4. This fight is a bit different from the Heroic Version in this fight you will fight both Spectral Librarian Emiida and Shadowed Tome of Ages Past
  5. You will want to kill them both evenly. So when the Librarians health gets to 75 change to the Tome and get its health down to 75. The tome will also spawn random shadow mobs at 75, 50, 25% that you will have to kill during the fight.
  6. When both mobs are at 25% health take the Tome's health down to 5 percent or so. Then kill the Librarian then quickly kill the Tome, they both have to die close to each other timing wise or you will wipe.

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