a hellhound ravager  

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Zone:The Crypt of T'Haen: Vengeance
Possible Classes:Berserker
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Epic x2
Classifications:Hellhound, Living, Old World, Organic, Quadruped, Terrestrial, Warmblooded

NameLevelTypeDrop Rate
canine saliva 0Item12.500%
Cupcake 0Item10%
Greater Blood of the Wolf 50Potion2%
strengthened leather satchel 46Weapon0.800%
teakwood buckler 42Shield0.800%
fulginate tower shield 45Shield0.800%
teakwood round shield 40Shield0.800%
strengthened leather sheath 46Weapon0.800%
heavy teakwood bow 44Weapon0.800%
teakwood short bow 40Weapon0.800%
strengthened leather pouch 46Weapon0.800%
heavy teakwood bow 42Weapon0.800%
fulginate kite shield 39Shield0.800%
teakwood long bow 43Weapon0.800%
strengthened leather bandolier 46Weapon0.800%
teakwood greatstaff 39Weapon0.5486%
Ancient Embroidered Cap 40Armor0.4767%
Ancient Embroidered Pantaloons 40Armor0.4767%
Ancient Embroidered Cuffs 40Armor0.4767%
woven augmented skullcap 45Armor0.4571%
fulginate brigandine wristguards 39Armor0.4571%
fulginate brigandine handguards 45Armor0.4571%
rough linen pantaloons 39Armor0.4571%
fulginate brigandine shoulder pads 45Armor0.4571%
fulginate brigandine boots 43Armor0.4571%
fulginate brigandine chestguard 39Armor0.4571%
woven augmented shoulder pads 45Armor0.4571%
rough linen blouse 39Armor0.4571%
rough linen cap 44Armor0.4571%
rough linen slippers 44Armor0.4571%
woven augmented gloves 39Armor0.4571%
fulginate brigandine leggings 43Armor0.4571%
rough linen shawl 43Armor0.4571%
fulginate brigandine helm 41Armor0.4571%
rough linen cuffs 39Armor0.4571%
woven augmented pants 40Armor0.4571%
woven augmented wristguards 43Armor0.4571%
rough linen mitts 40Armor0.4571%
woven augmented boots 41Armor0.4571%
woven augmented tunic 40Armor0.4571%
fulginate sai 42Weapon0.320%
fulginate kris 40Weapon0.320%
fulginate dirk 41Weapon0.320%
teakwood fighting batons 39Weapon0.320%
fulginate wizard's dagger 43Weapon0.320%
fulginate dagger 39Weapon0.320%
fulginate stiletto 40Weapon0.320%
fulginate parrying blade 44Weapon0.320%
teakwood bo 40Weapon0.320%
rough linen sash 43Accessory0.2667%
fulginate girdle 39Accessory0.2667%
bloodstone necklace 42Accessory0.2667%
diamondine hoop 44Accessory0.2667%
diamondine bangle 40Accessory0.2667%
diamondine band 41Accessory0.2667%
bloodstone ring 42Accessory0.2667%
bloodstone earring 39Accessory0.2667%
strengthened leather belt 41Accessory0.2667%
diamondine torque 43Accessory0.2667%
rough linen scarf 40Accessory0.2667%
bloodstone bracelet 43Accessory0.2667%
fulginate warhammer 41Weapon0.2286%
teakwood cudgel 42Weapon0.2286%
fulginate mace 43Weapon0.2286%
fulginate sceptre 40Weapon0.2286%
fulginate flail 40Weapon0.2286%
fulginate great flail 39Weapon0.2286%
fulginate morning star 40Weapon0.2286%
fulginate battle hammer 40Weapon0.2286%
teakwood sorcerer's staff 39Weapon0.2286%
teakwood knotted club 40Weapon0.2286%
fulginate maul 40Weapon0.2286%
fulginate scourge 41Weapon0.2286%
teakwood wand 40Weapon0.2286%
fulginate cutlass 44Weapon0.1684%
fulginate tribal spear 40Weapon0.1684%
fulginate rapier 44Weapon0.1684%
fulginate leafblade 40Weapon0.1684%
fulginate foil 42Weapon0.1684%
fulginate short spear 45Weapon0.1684%
fulginate kukri 45Weapon0.1684%
fulginate spear 42Weapon0.1684%
fulginate spatha 44Weapon0.1684%
fulginate long sword 42Weapon0.1684%
strengthened leather whip 43Weapon0.1684%
fulginate short sword 42Weapon0.1684%
fulginate scimitar 41Weapon0.1684%
fulginate epee 42Weapon0.1684%
fulginate karabela 42Weapon0.1684%
fulginate ornate spear 41Weapon0.1684%
fulginate javelin 41Weapon0.1684%
fulginate sabre 43Weapon0.1684%
fulginate falchion 44Weapon0.1684%
fulginate pike 41Weapon0.1143%
fulginate tomahawk 39Weapon0.1143%
fulginate voulge 44Weapon0.1143%
fulginate tulwar 42Weapon0.1143%
fulginate halberd 44Weapon0.1143%
strengthened leather fist wraps 44Weapon0.1143%
fulginate battle axe 45Weapon0.1143%
fulginate war axe 43Weapon0.1143%
fulginate assault axe 45Weapon0.1143%
fulginate hand axe 45Weapon0.1143%
fulginate great spear 41Weapon0.1143%
fulginate double headed axe 45Weapon0.1143%
fulginate greatsword 40Weapon0.1143%
fulginate flamberge 44Weapon0.1143%
fulginate bastard sword 43Weapon0.1143%
fulginate knuckles 41Weapon0.1143%
fulginate lance 41Weapon0.1143%
fulginate harpoon 39Weapon0.1143%
fulginate broadsword 41Weapon0.1143%
fulginate crescent axe 40Weapon0.1143%
fulginate trident 44Weapon0.1143%
fulginate cestii 41Weapon0.1143%
fulginate hatchet 39Weapon0.1143%
fulginate claymore 40Weapon0.1143%
fulginate executioners axe 40Weapon0.1143%
fulginate military pick 45Weapon0.1143%
fulginate bardiche 39Weapon0.1143%
fulginate katana 40Weapon0.1143%
Ancient Embroidered Cowl 43Armor0.0055%
Ancient Embroidered Blouse 43Armor0.0055%
Ancient Embroidered Mitts 43Armor0.0055%
Ancient Embroidered Slippers 43Armor0.0055%