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Zone:The Emerald Halls: Guardian of Growth
Purpose:Guardian of the Growth
Classifications:Draconic, Faydwer, Living, Nocharm, Organic, Quadruped, Terrestrial, Warmblooded
Grants AA

In Emerald Halls: Guardian of Growth Wuoshi is a quest NPC for the final quest in the Tunare deity line.


Wuoshi is the dragon, blessed with the powers of growth by Tunare, before she left Norrath, and is thus one of the hardest raids of the 70s.

Wuoshi starts by wandering around the room in a set path, so all you really need to do is avoid pulling him as you pull the mobs. If you attack Wuoshi before all the mobs and named on his "floor" are dead, they will assist him in the fight, making it impossible.

You need to find a little corner of the wall you can all stack up in. When Wuoshi paths close to the wall, have the tank pull him.

He hits hard, and has a knock up, which can be avoided by stacking up in the wall. Burn him fast, and cure anything he puts on you.

At 75% and 25%, he spawns an epicx4 add, which is level 74. It is a copy of the Bloodbeast in Halls of Seeing, and have all the dps switch to kill that, before returning to Wuoshi.

Wuoshi is the pants mob of the EoF raid sets, and he also drops a Tunarian Wolfbane, which is needed to kill Mayong Mistmoore.

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