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Zone:The Emerald Halls: Sanctum of Growth
Purpose:Servant of Growth
Classifications:Biped, Faydwer, Fayfolk, Living, Sentient, Terrestrial, Warmblooded

With GU58 Kurista is the High Priestess of Growth, and can be found in Greater Faydark at 44, 93, 78 .

The loyal servant of Tunare who casted the Rite of Renewal upon the druid rings during the Druid Ring Reconstruction event. She began the quest Path of the Prophet.

This article refers to events, personae and activities that were introduced for the Druid Ring Reconstruction Event
This event launched on May 25, 2010 and concluded on October 12, 2010.


On June 29, 2010, Kurista finally discovered her voice and shared some of her story with players assisting in the event. Below is the dialogue from that.

You say, "Hail, Kurista"

Kurista says to you, "Greetings Player! What would you like to know?"

You say to Kurista, "Have I just interrupted your spell?"

Kurista says to you, "Oh, of course not! The Rite of Renewal is more than just a spell, and everyone here is part of it, including you. Every word we speak here is part of the ritual. "

You say to Kurista, "Where did this ritual come from?"

Kurista says to you, "The Rite was a gift from the Mother of All to her Chosen. A few months ago, when I had only just finished my Rite of Passage, she appeared to me in a vision and bade me to seek out her prophet, Eva. We met for several days and spoke of many things. "

You say to Kurista, "What kind of things?"

Kurista says to you, "More than I can relate. She spoke of Felwithe, and the origin stories of the Koada'Dal, and of being the Chosen of Tunare, and of her own amazingly long life."

You say to Kurista, "What else?"

Kurista says to you, "She taught me about the history of Norrath, the civilizations of old, the prophecies of the Rending and the Shattering and the two Void invasions, the departure of the gods and their return. The surprising thing was, I found that I remembered most of these things for myself, too. "

You say to Kurista, "How could you remember such things?"

Kurista says to you, "They were the memories of my spirit bud, long forgotten. Eva describe a vision where Tunare told her that a young fae with an ancient spirit would seek her tutelage. She instructed me in how to perform the Rite of Renewal. It awakens more of my spirit's memories with each performance, and restores sacred places and artifacts. "

You say to Kurista, "What else has your spirit remembered?"

Kurista says to you, "Everything. I know my destiny. Part of it will be fulfilled soon. That is all I can tell you now."

You say to Kurista, "Understood."

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