a prisoner guard  

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Zone:The Ruins
Faction:The Freeport Militia
Possible Classes:Guardian
Level:12 - 13
Difficulty:^ ^ Heroic
Purpose:Freeport Militia
Classifications:Human, Humanoid, Living, Old World, Organic, Terrestrial, Warmblooded

NameLevelTypeDrop Rate
Advanced Adornments Volume 2 0Recipe Book20%
human love note 0Item5%
Coral Amulet 0Item2.500%
Coral Scrying Stone 0Item2.500%
Paraffin Sealed Document 0Item2.500%
Blackened Iron Relic 0Item2.500%
small decaying bone 0Item0.9524%
flask of rancid water 0Item0.9524%
pouch of peat 0Item0.9524%
cracked iron stein 0Item0.100%
intricately carved acorn 0Item0.100%
old silver coin 0Item0.100%
carved ivory cameo 0Item0.100%
carved bone trinket 0Item0.100%
bride's promise 0Item0.100%
badge of honor 0Item0.100%
plain crystal shard 0Item0.100%
small kerran doll 0Item0.100%
intricate metal bowl 0Item0.100%