Bridge Captain Sternshanks  

Zone:Butcherblock Mountains
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Heroic
Classifications:Ghost, Humanoid, Inorganic, Noblooded, Nocharm, Old World, Terrestrial
Grants AA
NameLevelTypeDrop Rate
a vial of spectral essence 0Item25%
a ghost phantasmal echo 0Item21%
a ghost emotion resonance 0Item21%
a ghost ethereal strand 0Item21%
a ghost vile plasm 0Item21%
a ghost remnant memory 0Item21%
Glorious Votary's Plate Gloves of Resolve 30Armor14.2857%
Fiendish Fateseer's Handguards of Acumen 30Armor14.2857%
Wicked Cutthroat's Chain Gloves of Pure Darkness 30Armor14.2857%
Graceful Pugilist's Hand Wraps of the Tiger 30Armor14.2857%
Spellbound Prodigy's Gloves of Focus 30Armor14.2857%
Woodland Reclaimer's Leather Gloves of the Winds 30Armor14.2857%
Unyielding Veteran's Gauntlets of the Stalwart 30Armor14.2857%
Marshmallows 0Item10%
Opal Amulet 0Item5.4138%
Band of Unending Wars 30Accessory2.500%
Emblem of Unending Wars 30Accessory2.500%
Crest of Unending Wars 30Accessory2.500%
Loop of Unending Wars 30Accessory2.500%
an ethereal nerve 0Item2%
Advanced Adornments Volume 4 0Recipe Book1.3333%
small polished bone 0Item1%
small bag of muriate of potash 0Item1%
flask of pond water 0Item1%
Blueprint: Magnetized Generator 0Recipe Book0.6667%
Feysteel Relic 0Item0.4138%
Opal Scrying Stone 0Item0.4138%
Gel Sealed Document 0Item0.4138%
crystal bottle of perfume 0Item0.1667%
amber charm 0Item0.1667%
ancient silver coin 0Item0.1667%
glass eye 0Item0.1667%
ancient decorated chalice 0Item0.1667%
medal of valor 0Item0.1667%
Holy Aid III (Adept) 36Spell Scroll0.1371%
Dark Nebula III (Adept) 36Spell Scroll0.0686%
Chilling Claws II (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Glacial Flames II (Adept) 37Spell Scroll0.0686%
Shout III (Adept) 36Spell Scroll0.0686%
Fae Fire (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
Shadow Coil II (Adept) 36Spell Scroll0.0686%
Deny III (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
Purifying Flames II (Adept) 37Spell Scroll0.0686%
Pact of the Cheetah (Adept) 39Spell Scroll0.0686%
Blood Rage II (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
Innoruuk's Caress IV (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Root III (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
Crescent Strike III (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
Flash of Brilliance II (Adept) 39Spell Scroll0.0686%
Grim Harbinger III (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Taunting Blow IV (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Tease II (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Storm of Lightning III (Adept) 36Spell Scroll0.0686%
Mesmerize IV (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Undead Knight IV (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Clara's Chaotic Cacophony II (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Divine Strike IV (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Peaceful Link (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
Trick Shot II (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Dark Pact III (Adept) 40Spell Scroll0.0686%
Abuse III (Adept) 36Spell Scroll0.0686%
Abomination III (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
Eviscerate III (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Fear II (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Maul III (Adept) 39Spell Scroll0.0686%
Savage Ruin II (Adept) 39Spell Scroll0.0686%
Forced Hesitation III (Adept) 33Spell Scroll0.0686%
Snipe III (Adept) 36Spell Scroll0.0686%
Plague IV (Adept) 39Spell Scroll0.0686%
Calm Tranquility III (Adept) 37Spell Scroll0.0686%
Challenge III (Adept) 36Spell Scroll0.0686%
Ranger's Blade III (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Darksong Blade III (Adept) 39Spell Scroll0.0686%
Blaze Kick III (Adept) 39Spell Scroll0.0686%
Curse of Darkness II (Adept) 39Spell Scroll0.0686%
Black Jack II (Adept) 36Spell Scroll0.0686%
Siphon Strike III (Adept) 39Spell Scroll0.0686%
Intimidate II (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Ball of Fire II (Adept) 37Spell Scroll0.0686%
Aneurysm III (Adept) 39Spell Scroll0.0686%
Icefall IV (Adept) 39Spell Scroll0.0686%
Aurora II (Adept) 39Spell Scroll0.0686%
Deteriorate III (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
Cuss II (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Regenerating Spores (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
Lamenting Soul (Adept) 39Spell Scroll0.0686%
Immolation III (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Bloodlust III (Adept) 37Spell Scroll0.0686%
Backstab IV (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Abandoned Fury III (Adept) 36Spell Scroll0.0686%
Rebuke IV (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Mug III (Adept) 36Spell Scroll0.0686%
Call of Shielding II (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Rising Dragon II (Adept) 36Spell Scroll0.0686%
Epiphany II (Adept) 33Spell Scroll0.0686%
Beatdown III (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
Charm IV (Adept) 33Spell Scroll0.0686%
Fire Seed II (Adept) 37Spell Scroll0.0686%
Frostbite II (Adept) 37Spell Scroll0.0686%
Incarcerate (Adept) 39Spell Scroll0.0686%
Converge II (Adept) 33Spell Scroll0.0686%
Ceremonial Blade III (Adept) 39Spell Scroll0.0686%
Focus Aim II (Adept) 36Spell Scroll0.0686%
Hostage II (Adept) 37Spell Scroll0.0686%
Sign of Pacification III (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
Blessing of the Paladin II (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Ancient Terror (Adept) 39Spell Scroll0.0686%
Holdup III (Adept) 37Spell Scroll0.0686%
Merciless Stomp III (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Righteousness III (Adept) 36Spell Scroll0.0686%
Rising Phoenix III (Adept) 39Spell Scroll0.0686%
Depressing Chant III (Adept) 37Spell Scroll0.0686%
Mortal Blade II (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Spinechiller Blood V (Adept) 37Spell Scroll0.0686%
Rob IV (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
Brutality III (Adept) 37Spell Scroll0.0686%
Ice Storm IV (Adept) 36Spell Scroll0.0686%
Slam II (Adept) 36Spell Scroll0.0686%
Pure Awe II (Adept) 39Spell Scroll0.0686%
Earthen Avatar IV (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Night Strike IV (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
Power of Mind III (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
Putrefy IV (Adept) 39Spell Scroll0.0686%
Pandemic IV (Adept) 36Spell Scroll0.0686%
Vexing Verses III (Adept) 36Spell Scroll0.0686%
Emberstrike IV (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
Phantasmal Awe II (Adept) 37Spell Scroll0.0686%
Mortality Mark II (Adept) 39Spell Scroll0.0686%
Haze IV (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Devastation Fist (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
Rune of Thought III (Adept) 40Spell Scroll0.0686%
Tempest IV (Adept) 39Spell Scroll0.0686%
Alin's Serene Serenade II (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Aria of Magic II (Adept) 36Spell Scroll0.0686%
Unholy Hunger III (Adept) 37Spell Scroll0.0686%
Raging Blow IV (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Divine Vengeance III (Adept) 39Spell Scroll0.0686%
Atrophy IV (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Dead Calm II (Adept) 36Spell Scroll0.0686%
Act of War (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
Ego Shock III (Adept) 39Spell Scroll0.0686%
Manhandle II (Adept) 36Spell Scroll0.0686%
Viscerate IV (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Lethargy (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
Aqueous Swarm II (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Fuliginous Whip II (Adept) 37Spell Scroll0.0686%
Distortion II (Adept) 37Spell Scroll0.0686%
Antagonize III (Adept) 39Spell Scroll0.0686%
Raxxyl's Rousing Tune IV (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Condemn IV (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Enrage III (Adept) 36Spell Scroll0.0686%
Ro's Blade III (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Aura of Void (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
Ambush IV (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
Karana's Hold III (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
Assault III (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
Moderate II (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
Flow Like Wind III (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
Call to Arms III (Adept) 37Spell Scroll0.0686%
Frigid Gift (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
Aspect of Genius III (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
Verlien's Keen of Despair III (Adept) 37Spell Scroll0.0686%
Hangman's Noose III (Adept) 37Spell Scroll0.0686%
Murderous Design III (Adept) 39Spell Scroll0.0686%
Unholy Covenant III (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
Aspect of Darkness III (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
Striking Cobra III (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Entrance IV (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Thornskin IV (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Double-Cross III (Adept) 36Spell Scroll0.0686%
Dismay II (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
Tarven's Crippling Crescendo III (Adept) 36Spell Scroll0.0686%
Torture III (Adept) 36Spell Scroll0.0686%
Hamstring II (Adept) 36Spell Scroll0.0686%
Awaken Grave (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
Bloodbath III (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
War Cry II (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Shattered Earth II (Adept) 39Spell Scroll0.0686%
Tendrils of Horror (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
Ensnare III (Adept) 37Spell Scroll0.0686%
Intimidation III (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
Dark Siphoning II (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Awestruck (Adept) 39Spell Scroll0.0686%
Primal Reflexes III (Adept) 39Spell Scroll0.0686%
Dark Pyre III (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Obliterated Psyche II (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
Harl's Rousing Tune IV (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Holy Circle III (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
Shanghai IV (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
Caltrops III (Adept) 37Spell Scroll0.0686%
Warring Deities II (Adept) 37Spell Scroll0.0686%
Blessed Weapon III (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Howl of the Damned III (Adept) 39Spell Scroll0.0686%
Blasphemy III (Adept) 36Spell Scroll0.0686%
Torment IV (Adept) 39Spell Scroll0.0686%
Thunderbolt II (Adept) 37Spell Scroll0.0686%
Death Cloud III (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
Iceshield II (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
Vine Net IV (Adept) 36Spell Scroll0.0686%
Roaring Flames (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
Blighted Horde II (Adept) 37Spell Scroll0.0686%
Involuntary Gift (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
Divine Inspiration III (Adept) 37Spell Scroll0.0686%
Synergism (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
Thorncoat IV (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Misfortune's Kiss IV (Adept) 35Spell Scroll0.0686%
Ruin III (Adept) 39Spell Scroll0.0686%
Enraging Demeanor II (Adept) 38Spell Scroll0.0686%
Holy Aid III (Master) 36Spell Scroll0.0341%
Blasphemy III (Master) 36Spell Scroll0.017%
Beatdown III (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Dark Siphoning II (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%
Forced Hesitation III (Master) 33Spell Scroll0.017%
Dark Pyre III (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%
Iceshield II (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Fuliginous Whip II (Master) 37Spell Scroll0.017%
Undead Knight IV (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%
Verlien's Keen of Despair III (Master) 37Spell Scroll0.017%
Manhandle II (Master) 36Spell Scroll0.017%
Purifying Flames II (Master) 37Spell Scroll0.017%
Fear II (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%
Epiphany II (Master) 33Spell Scroll0.017%
Ro's Blade III (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%
Plague IV (Master) 39Spell Scroll0.017%
Ruin III (Master) 39Spell Scroll0.017%
Regenerating Spores (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Depressing Chant III (Master) 37Spell Scroll0.017%
Act of War (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Righteousness III (Master) 36Spell Scroll0.017%
Devastation Fist (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Maul III (Master) 39Spell Scroll0.017%
Spinechiller Blood V (Master) 37Spell Scroll0.017%
Torment IV (Master) 39Spell Scroll0.017%
Rebuke IV (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%
Immolation III (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%
Torture III (Master) 36Spell Scroll0.017%
Aria of Magic II (Master) 36Spell Scroll0.017%
Ensnare III (Master) 37Spell Scroll0.017%
Chilling Claws II (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%
Aspect of Genius III (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Antagonize III (Master) 39Spell Scroll0.017%
Abandoned Fury III (Master) 36Spell Scroll0.017%
Mortal Blade II (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%
Shattered Earth II (Master) 39Spell Scroll0.017%
Blood Rage II (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Thunderbolt II (Master) 37Spell Scroll0.017%
Fire Seed II (Master) 37Spell Scroll0.017%
Frigid Gift (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Blaze Kick III (Master) 39Spell Scroll0.017%
Taunting Blow IV (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%
Icefall IV (Master) 39Spell Scroll0.017%
Backstab IV (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%
Howl of the Damned III (Master) 39Spell Scroll0.017%
Aura of Void (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Pandemic IV (Master) 36Spell Scroll0.017%
Roaring Flames (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Incarcerate (Master) 39Spell Scroll0.017%
Unyielding Will (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Blessing of the Paladin II (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%
Abuse III (Master) 36Spell Scroll0.017%
Ego Shock III (Master) 39Spell Scroll0.017%
Awaken Grave (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Obliterated Psyche II (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Divine Strike IV (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%
Mortality Mark II (Master) 39Spell Scroll0.017%
Hostage II (Master) 37Spell Scroll0.017%
Holy Circle III (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Condemn IV (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%
Snipe III (Master) 36Spell Scroll0.017%
Frostbite II (Master) 37Spell Scroll0.017%
Ceremonial Blade III (Master) 39Spell Scroll0.017%
Mug III (Master) 36Spell Scroll0.017%
Black Jack II (Master) 36Spell Scroll0.017%
Entrance IV (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%
Deny III (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Moderate II (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Cuss II (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%
Earthen Avatar IV (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%
Slam II (Master) 36Spell Scroll0.017%
Trick Shot II (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%
Brutality III (Master) 37Spell Scroll0.017%
Grim Harbinger III (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%
Ball of Fire II (Master) 37Spell Scroll0.017%
Abomination III (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Alin's Serene Serenade II (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%
Eviscerate III (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%
Assault III (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Dark Pact III (Master) 40Spell Scroll0.017%
Bloodlust III (Master) 37Spell Scroll0.017%
Fae Fire (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Blighted Horde II (Master) 37Spell Scroll0.017%
Aspect of Darkness III (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Deteriorate III (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Lamenting Soul (Master) 39Spell Scroll0.017%
Ice Storm IV (Master) 36Spell Scroll0.017%
Dismay II (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Death Cloud III (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Shadow Coil II (Master) 36Spell Scroll0.017%
Warring Deities II (Master) 37Spell Scroll0.017%
Blessed Weapon III (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%
Tempest IV (Master) 39Spell Scroll0.017%
Charm IV (Master) 33Spell Scroll0.017%
Call to Arms III (Master) 37Spell Scroll0.017%
Viscerate IV (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%
Putrefy IV (Master) 39Spell Scroll0.017%
Darksong Blade III (Master) 39Spell Scroll0.017%
Phantasmal Awe II (Master) 37Spell Scroll0.017%
Thornskin IV (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%
Involuntary Gift (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Haze IV (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%
Night Strike IV (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Hangman's Noose III (Master) 37Spell Scroll0.017%
Converge II (Master) 33Spell Scroll0.017%
Shout III (Master) 36Spell Scroll0.017%
Aurora II (Master) 39Spell Scroll0.017%
Storm of Lightning III (Master) 36Spell Scroll0.017%
Divine Vengeance III (Master) 39Spell Scroll0.017%
Divine Inspiration III (Master) 37Spell Scroll0.017%
Crescent Strike III (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Peaceful Link (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Hamstring II (Master) 36Spell Scroll0.017%
Savage Ruin II (Master) 39Spell Scroll0.017%
Enrage III (Master) 36Spell Scroll0.017%
Flash of Brilliance II (Master) 39Spell Scroll0.017%
Call of Shielding II (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%
Unholy Hunger III (Master) 37Spell Scroll0.017%
Distortion II (Master) 37Spell Scroll0.017%
Raxxyl's Rousing Tune IV (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%
Awestruck (Master) 39Spell Scroll0.017%
Merciless Stomp III (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%
Pact of the Cheetah (Master) 39Spell Scroll0.017%
Vexing Verses III (Master) 36Spell Scroll0.017%
Raging Blow IV (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%
Ancient Terror (Master) 39Spell Scroll0.017%
Rune of Thought III (Master) 40Spell Scroll0.017%
Mesmerize IV (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%
Rob IV (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Vine Net IV (Master) 36Spell Scroll0.017%
Enraging Demeanor II (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%
Curse of Darkness II (Master) 39Spell Scroll0.017%
Aqueous Swarm II (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%
Calm Tranquility III (Master) 37Spell Scroll0.017%
Holdup III (Master) 37Spell Scroll0.017%
Dead Calm II (Master) 36Spell Scroll0.017%
Unholy Covenant III (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Siphon Strike III (Master) 39Spell Scroll0.017%
Dark Nebula III (Master) 36Spell Scroll0.017%
Pure Awe II (Master) 39Spell Scroll0.017%
Rising Dragon II (Master) 36Spell Scroll0.017%
Power of Mind III (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Focus Aim II (Master) 36Spell Scroll0.017%
Misfortune's Kiss IV (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Aneurysm III (Master) 39Spell Scroll0.017%
Atrophy IV (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%
Intimidation III (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Striking Cobra III (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%
Lethargy (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Clara's Chaotic Cacophony II (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%
Ranger's Blade III (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%
Primal Reflexes III (Master) 39Spell Scroll0.017%
Intimidate II (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%
Synergism (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Caltrops III (Master) 37Spell Scroll0.017%
Tarven's Crippling Crescendo III (Master) 36Spell Scroll0.017%
Bloodbath III (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Tendrils of Horror (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Thorncoat IV (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%
Murderous Design III (Master) 39Spell Scroll0.017%
Harl's Rousing Tune IV (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%
Rising Phoenix III (Master) 39Spell Scroll0.017%
Shanghai IV (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Emberstrike IV (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Flow Like Wind III (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Ambush IV (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Glacial Flames II (Master) 37Spell Scroll0.017%
Tease II (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%
Double-Cross III (Master) 36Spell Scroll0.017%
Challenge III (Master) 36Spell Scroll0.017%
War Cry II (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%
Root III (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Sign of Pacification III (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Karana's Hold III (Master) 35Spell Scroll0.017%
Innoruuk's Caress IV (Master) 38Spell Scroll0.017%