a Frothbark whipcracker  

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Possible Classes:Berserker
Difficulty:v v v
Purpose:Clan Frothbark
Classifications:Faydwer, Humanoid, Kobold, Kobold Frothbark, Living, Organic, Terrestrial, Warmblooded
NameLevelTypeDrop Rate
Serilisian Sleeves of Summoning 30Armor25%
a kobold fang 0Item21%
a kobold paw 0Item21%
a kobold ear 0Item21%
a kobold kidney 0Item21%
a kobold heart 0Item21%
Stormguard's Ale-stained Bathrobe 27Armor16.6667%
Stormguard Chestguard 32Armor16.6667%
Girdle of Dwarven Creation 34Accessory16.6667%
Plundered Dwarven Necklace 29Accessory8.3333%
Bugbear Backstabber 32Weapon8.3333%
Nynorc's Axe of Devastation 32Weapon8.3333%
Deepearth Rune 0Item7%
Advanced Adornments Volume 4 0Recipe Book1.3333%
small polished bone 0Item1%
small bag of muriate of potash 0Item1%
flask of pond water 0Item1%
Blueprint: Magnetized Generator 0Recipe Book0.6667%
Feysteel Relic 0Item0.4138%
Opal Scrying Stone 0Item0.4138%
Opal Amulet 0Item0.4138%
Gel Sealed Document 0Item0.4138%
crystal bottle of perfume 0Item0.1667%
amber charm 0Item0.1667%
ancient silver coin 0Item0.1667%
glass eye 0Item0.1667%
ancient decorated chalice 0Item0.1667%
medal of valor 0Item0.1667%