a dreadsnout trampler  

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Zone:Sundered Splitpaw
Possible Classes:Bruiser
Level:19 - 20
Difficulty:v v to -
Classifications:Hellboar, Living, Organic, Quadruped, Shattered Lands, Terrestrial, Warmblooded
NameLevelTypeDrop Rate
swine meat 0Item25%
swine tail 0Item2%
Shoulder Pads of the Forsaken 44Armor0.8958%
Elder Spellweaver's Shoulder Pads 44Armor0.8958%
Tesch Val Ring 44Accessory0.8958%
Lteth Val Dagger 44Weapon0.8958%
Symbol of Solitude 44Shield0.8958%
Rosch Val Kris 44Weapon0.8958%
Lteth Val Boots 44Armor0.8958%
Resplendent Silk Cap 44Armor0.8958%
Tesch Val Gauntlets 44Armor0.8958%
Gloves of Savagery 44Armor0.8958%
Etched Arboreal Mantle 44Armor0.8958%
Nisch Val Orb 44Shield0.8958%
Cuffs of Construct Binding 24Armor0.6329%
Stately Spaulders of the Zealot 24Armor0.6329%
Helm of the Pariah 24Armor0.6329%
Rosch Mas Cowl 24Armor0.6329%
Tonlets of the Pariah 24Armor0.6329%
Tesch Mas Gauntlets 24Armor0.6329%
Spelunker's Chainmail Boots 24Armor0.6329%
Bracers of the Rebuked 24Armor0.6329%
Coif of Darkened Paths 20Armor0.4603%
Tesch Mas Belt 20Accessory0.4603%
Nisch Mas Handguards 20Armor0.4603%
Arcane Slippers of Serenity 20Armor0.4603%
Vambraces of the Pariah 20Armor0.4603%
Lteth Mas Mantle 20Armor0.4603%
Vanguard Gussets of Tenacity 20Armor0.4603%
Splitpaw Work Boots 20Armor0.4603%
Lteth Mas Dagger 20Weapon0.4603%
Ancient Willow Staff 20Weapon0.4603%
Soft Serpent Skin Gloves 20Armor0.4603%
Sacred Shield 34Shield0.3682%
Tesch Mal Claymore 34Weapon0.3682%
Tesch Mal Spaulders 34Armor0.3682%
Aegis of Shadow 34Shield0.3682%
Bracelet of the Pariah 34Accessory0.3682%
Rosch Mal Mitts 34Armor0.3682%
Verdant Chainmail Boots 34Armor0.3682%
Splitpaw-Forged Tonlets 34Armor0.3682%
Rosch Mal Tome 34Shield0.3682%
Coif of Strife's Apostle 34Armor0.3682%
Spider Master's Cowl 34Armor0.3682%
Rosch Mal Ring 30Accessory0.3375%
Lteth Mal Gloves 30Armor0.3375%
Glowing Cap of Clandestinity 30Armor0.3375%
Lteth Mal Spear 30Weapon0.3375%
Splitpaw Hide Shoulder Pads 30Armor0.3375%
Baleful Gauntlets of Disdain 30Armor0.3375%
Sly Trickster's Mantle 30Armor0.3375%
Splitpaw Hide Boots 30Armor0.3375%
Splitpaw Hide Bracers 30Armor0.3375%
Cuffs of Delusional Power 30Armor0.3375%
Splitpaw Hide Skullcap 30Armor0.3375%
Nisch Mal Wristguards 30Armor0.3375%
Everlasting Spaulders of Fortification 40Armor0.2812%
Coif of Incorrigible Deception 40Armor0.2812%
Bracers of Exhilaration 40Armor0.2812%
Rosch Val Cowl 40Armor0.2812%
Pauldrons of the Resolute 40Armor0.2812%
Silk Gloves of Celestial Ardor 40Armor0.2812%
Skullcap of Savagery 40Armor0.2812%
Noble Spellbinder's Slippers 40Armor0.2812%
Pious Barbute of Sapience 40Armor0.2812%
Gnoll Bead Twine Bracelet 40Accessory0.2812%
Nisch Val Sceptre 40Weapon0.2812%
Wristguards of the Forsaken 40Armor0.2812%