Infiltrator Set  

  • (2) +4 Damage Per Second
  • (3) Increase critchance of caster by 3
  • (4) Reduces resistibility of poison based spells and abilities by 10%.
  • (5) onTakeAnyDamage this spell has a 10% chance to cast Blurred Skin
    Increase Extra Dodge Chance of caster by 5
    Increase physical of caster by 140
  • (6) Increases damage of Storm of Arrows II by 30.
Infiltrator Leggings 65Armor
Infiltrator Gloves 65Armor
Infiltrator Coat 65Armor
Infiltrator Boots 65Armor
Infiltrator Mantle 65Armor
Infiltrator Coif 65Armor
Infiltrator Bracers 65Armor

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