Fearless Bravado  

  • (2) +10 agi
  • (3) onAnyHit this spell has a 10% chance to cast Deathly Lifetap
    Inflicts 491 - 1021 magic damage on target
    Heals caster for 327 - 680
    This spell can not be modified except by direct means
  • (5) onAnyHit this spell has a 9% chance to cast Misstep
    Decrease physical of target by 400
Fearless Chain Spaulders 80Armor
Fearless Chain Gloves 80Armor
Fearless Chain Hauberk 80Armor
Fearless Chain Coif 80Armor
Fearless Chain Leggings 80Armor
Fearless Chain Boots 80Armor

This is a Legendary Tier 1 shard armor set. See: Shadow Odyssey Legendary Shard Armor

Other Resources: EQ2i LootDB Human-Readable Link: http://eq2.zam.com/wiki/EQ2_Set:Fearless_Bravado
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