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Imperial Pouch of Elements 56Weapon 
Flame-forged Channel 14WeaponQuest Reward, Quest Item
Imbued Cured Leather Bandolier 12Weapon 
Darkband 45WeaponDropped
Mottled Leather Bandolier 80WeaponCrafted
Shaped Imbued Sandalwood Long Bow 50Weapon 
Journeyman's Pouch of the Gambler 1Weapon 
Ancient Crystal Wand 10Weapon 
Shaped Tailored Cured Leather Sheath 12Weapon 
Tailored Boiled Leather Satchel 20Weapon 
Grandmaster's Pouch of the Guardian 80Weapon 
Mystic Wand of Energy 50Weapon 
Darkness Imbued Longbow 79WeaponDropped
Conditioned Alder Short Bow 2Weapon 
bow of Lawlessness 30Weapon 
Calamitous Pouch of Authority 20WeaponCrafted
Clan Ykesha Battle Pouch 77WeaponCollection Reward, Shiny
Shaped Imbued Teak Long Bow 40Weapon 
Tailored Rawhide Leather Sheath 1Weapon 
Sureshot Bow 30Weapon 
ashwood long bow 21WeaponDropped
Imbued Maple Shortbow 10WeaponCrafted
Discord's Brutallic Longbow 90Weapon 
Tailored Dragonhide Pouch 62Weapon 
Explorer's Pouch of the Nimble 56Weapon