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Vagabond's Bow of the Knight 16Weapon 
Ancient Pouch of Grace 76Weapon 
Emperor's Bow of the Tempest 71Weapon 
tailored horned leather sheath 60Weapon 
Runic Bow of the Deep 14WeaponDropped
Nomad's Bow of Devotion 11Weapon 
Imbued Cuirboilli Leather Satchel 22Weapon 
Bow of Perpetual Battle 68WeaponDropped
Divine Channeling Wand 20Weapon 
crude tailored curiboilli bandolier 20Weapon 
Satchel of the Darklight Destroyer 10WeaponDropped
Gnomish Mechanized Bow 46WeaponQuest Reward, Quest Item
Blood-covered Bow 10Weapon 
Crude Conditioned Mahogany Long Bow 24Weapon 
Opulent Pouch of Battle 66Weapon 
090_7913_mage_ranged 90Weapon 
Imbued Strengthened Leather Sheath 40Weapon 
Explorer's Bow of the Tree 56Weapon 
Shaped Tailored Rawhide Leather Satchel 1Weapon 
Bow of Scavenging 85WeaponDropped
Bandolier of Flowing Lava 80WeaponDropped
Imbued Scaled Leather Bandolier 52Weapon 
Skyfire Pouch of the Gambler 76Weapon 
Recovered Pouch of Verelisk 13Weapon 
Exquisitely Crafted Sling 10Weapon