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Maltena's Hoop 0Weapon 
Unargin's Smithy Apron 0Weapon 
Necklace of Boarfyr 0WeaponDropped
Edgan's Ivy Brooch 0WeaponDropped
Eye of Chalandria 0WeaponDropped
Prisoner Shackles 0WeaponDropped
Swine Lords Loincloth 0WeaponDropped
Fleshwrap Belt 0Weapon 
Tentacles of Ruin 0WeaponDropped
elm cudgel 0WeaponDropped, Purchased
master crafted embossed cestii 0Weapon 
alderwood short bow 0Weapon 
Stonegnasher's Claw 0Weapon 
Bronze Knuckles 0WeaponDropped
master crafted embossed spiked fist 0Weapon 
master crafted embossed whip 0Weapon 
tin kukri 0WeaponDropped, Purchased
bronze knotted club 0WeaponDropped
Cog Crunch Crumble Cone 0Weapon 
"Mister McLafferty's Favorite" Cone 0Weapon 
Rubicite Raspberry Cone 0Weapon 
Murdunk Madness Cone 0Weapon 
Klakanon Kandy Cone 0Weapon 
Fayberry Freeze Cone 0Weapon 
Mint-otaur Mint Chip Cone 0Weapon