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Nights of the Dead Sul' Dal Undead Costume 0PotionPurchased
Nights of the Dead Tae Ew Hunter Costume 0PotionPurchased
Nights of the Dead Thurgadin Spellcaster Costume 0PotionPurchased
Nights of the Dead Undying Warrior Costume 0PotionPurchased
Nights of the Dead Vampire Mage Costume 0PotionPurchased
Nightshade Healing Salve 50PotionQuest Reward, Quest Item
Norrathian Tourism Voucher 1Potion 
Odus Discord Token 90Potion 
Offering to Kurn's Tower 0PotionQuest Item
Orb of Possession 0Potion 
Parathior's Acrimonious Ice 0Potion 
Philip's Seed 0PotionQuest Item
Philter of Peacefulness 0PotionQuest Reward, Quest Item
Portrait of Mayong Mistmoore 1PotionQuest Reward, Quest Item
Potion of Adeptness 30PotionDropped
Potion of Advancement 0Potion 
Potion of Adventuring 0Potion 
Potion of Brawn 30PotionDropped
Potion of Deftness 30PotionDropped
Potion of Diminishing Debt 1Potion 
Potion of Fleetness 0Potion 
Potion of Greater Regeneration 30PotionDropped
Potion of Greater Rejuvenation 30PotionDropped
Potion of Greater Replenishment 30PotionDropped
Potion of Greater Restoration 30PotionDropped