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Reinforced Vehement Marauder's Wrist Wraps 50ArmorPurchased
Journeyman's Sleeves of Grace 1Armor 
Tailored Canvas Cuffs 20ArmorCrafted
Wanderer's Bracers of the Tree 16Armor 
Augur's Everliving Wristguard 67ArmorQuest Reward, Quest Item
Cuffs of Frozen Air 77ArmorDropped
earthen woven bracers 11Armor 
Draconic Armguards of the Guardian 80Armor 
Grandmaster's Vambraces of Beasts 80Armor 
Wristguards of the Wastes Hunter 80ArmorQuest Reward, Quest Item
Arcane Sleeves of Clouds 71Armor 
Beginner Forester's Bracers 15Armor 
Defiant Highwayman's Vambraces of Deftness 50Armor 
Cuffs of Runed Silk 64Armor 
Explorer's Vambraces of Survival 56Armor 
Elaborate Ilvitch Mot Wristbands 30ArmorDropped
shaped tailored threadbare cuffs 1Armor 
woven waxed sleeves 1ArmorDropped
Forest Scion's Resplendent Bracers 90Armor 
Vagabond's Vambraces of Fangs 16Armor 
Ardorous Pillager's Blessed Wristguard 60ArmorPurchased
Exalted Bracers of the Nimble 61Armor 
netted kelp sleeves 21Armor 
ebon platemail vambraces 39ArmorDropped
Bracers of Subjugation 69ArmorDropped
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