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malachite ring 1AccessoryPurchased
Hoop of Sacrifice 1Accessory 
tailored threadbare sash 1Accessory 
lead bangle 1AccessoryPurchased
lapis lazuli bracelet 1AccessoryDropped
shaped fashioned malachite necklace 1Accessory 
lead torque 1AccessoryPurchased
fashioned lapis lazuli earring 1Accessory 
crude fashioned lead bangle 1Accessory 
Rotting Bone Medallion 1Accessory 
crude fashioned lead girdle 1Accessory 
crude fashioned lapis lazuli necklace 1Accessory 
Dreak's finely crafted bracelet 1Accessory 
Black Magi medallion 1AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
shaped fashioned simple stud earring 1Accessory 
fashioned lapis lazuli bracelet 1Accessory 
scorpion claw ring 1Accessory 
fashioned simple ring 1Accessory 
waxed leather belt 1Accessory 
crude fashioned malachite ring 1Accessory 
crude fashioned malachite bracelet 1Accessory 
fashioned lead torque 1Accessory 
fashioned lead band 1Accessory 
shaped fashioned lapis lazuli earring 1Accessory 
threadbare sash 1AccessoryPurchased