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Sacred Pendant (150 Favor) 0Accessory 
Sacred Pendant (100 Favor) 0Accessory 
Sacred Pendant (50 Favor) 0Accessory 
Cloak of the Spire 0AccessoryPurchased
Castaway Sash 1AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
fashioned copper hoop 1Accessory 
embossed fairy wing brooch 1Accessory 
copper band 1AccessoryDropped
Sparkling Greenstone Charm 1AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
yellow monitor-hide belt 1Accessory 
malachite earring 1AccessoryPurchased
fashioned copper band 1Accessory 
crude fashioned lapis lazuli bracelet 1Accessory 
crude fashioned malachite earring 1Accessory 
fashioned lead bangle 1Accessory 
crude fashioned copper hoop 1Accessory 
rat tail earring 1Accessory 
copper girdle 1AccessoryDropped
wolf fang necklace 1Accessory 
locket of remembrance 1AccessoryDropped
ethernere sash 1AccessoryDropped
Bangle of the Deceiver 1Accessory 
fashioned malachite necklace 1Accessory 
tailored rawhide belt 1Accessory 
crude tailored threadbare scarf 1Accessory