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Diamond Test Cloak 0Accessory 
Shroud of the Shattering 0Accessory 
Cloak of Shimmering Faith 0Accessory 
Everling House Medallion 0AccessoryDropped
Everling Signet Ring 0AccessoryDropped
Deirdre's Rosary 0AccessoryDropped
Shroud of Fate 0Accessory 
Shroud of Destiny 0Accessory 
Steadfast Bracelet 0Accessory 
Pawns Prize 0Accessory 
Fashioned Lead Bracelet 0AccessoryCrafted, Quest Item
Fashioned Threadbare Scarf 0AccessoryCrafted
Fashioned Lead Hoop 0AccessoryCrafted
Fashioned Rawhide Leather Belt 0AccessoryCrafted
Fashioned Malachite Earring 0AccessoryCrafted
Tailored Rawhide Belt 0Accessory 
Superb Stone 0AccessoryDropped
Lustrous Stone 0AccessoryDropped
Lustrous Bauble 0AccessoryDropped
Superb Bauble 0AccessoryDropped
Lustrous Stickpin 0AccessoryDropped
Superb Stickpin 0AccessoryDropped
Superb Jewel 0AccessoryDropped
Lustrous Jewel 0AccessoryDropped
Sebilisian Cloak of the Gathering 0Accessory