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Fashioned Opal Bracelet 32AccessoryCrafted
Hooluk-Feather Charm 62AccessoryCollection Reward, Shiny
Explorer's Band of the Tree 56Accessory 
Zulretch Mot Bracelet 29AccessoryDropped
Fortified Shackle of the Mountain 90AccessoryCrafted
Silver-Tinged Bangle 79Accessory 
Surging Energy Wristlet 87AccessoryDropped
Grim Loop of the Exceedingly Ruthless 90Accessory 
deklium bangle 70Accessory 
Shimmering Armlet of the Devout 50AccessoryDropped
Ancient Band of the Gambler 76Accessory 
Discord's Opal-studded Brutallic Bracelet 90AccessoryPurchased
Frozen Bracelet of the Kromise 45Accessory 
Bangle of Seamless Strikes 90AccessoryDropped, Purchased
Polished Irontoe Manacle 21AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Riggandr's Velium Washed Bracelet 90AccessoryDropped
Bangle of Icemaw Bone 13Accessory 
Circlet of Hate's Cunning 20AccessoryDropped
Wanderer's Band of Fangs 16Accessory 
Nomad's Band of Fangs 11Accessory 
Shackles of the Court 80AccessoryDropped
Radiant Band of the Gambler 61Accessory 
Bracelet of Hastened Mutilation 90AccessoryDropped
Nightblood Shackle 42AccessoryDropped
Bangle of Tallon's Tactics 90AccessoryDropped