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Lamia Token Armlet 30AccessoryDropped
Jumjum Soaked Scholar's Wristband 31AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Emperor's Band of the Tempest 71Accessory 
beryllium bangle 50Accessory 
Wanderer's Band of Concentration 16Accessory 
Darkened Naga Hide Armband 50Accessory 
Torrential Bracelet 90Accessory 
Cuffs of the Irate Iksar 75AccessoryDropped
Crude Fashioned Rhodium Bangle 42Accessory 
Moonfield Bracelet of Pugilism 86Accessory 
Bracelet of Many Colors 57Accessory 
Draconic Band of Clouds 80Accessory 
Silver-Plated Bracer 80AccessoryDropped
Magi's Bracelet of Eradication 50AccessoryPurchased
Twisted Manacle 80Accessory 
Links of Overwhelming Resentment 80AccessoryDropped
Ancient Combine Soldier's Bracelet 69AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Bangle of the Diaku Triad 90AccessoryDropped
Bangle of Invulnerability 40AccessoryDropped
Empowered Bracelet 2Accessory 
Ruined Ancient Bangle 25Accessory 
Spiked Bands of Force 45AccessoryDropped
Bracer of Dark Sight 47AccessoryDropped
Darklight Warrior's Bracelet 10AccessoryDropped
Garden Bracelet 19Accessory