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Ferrite Ritual Dagger 70Weapon 
Doll of Nyth 31ShieldDropped
shaped forged carbonite short spear 20Weapon 
Wayward Staff of the Deep 6Weapon 
carbonite short spear 20WeaponPurchased
Shadow Juggernaught's Tainted Impact 15Weapon 
crude forged feysteel hand axe 24Weapon 
Ancient Towershield of the Tempest 76Shield 
shaped forged adamantine dirk 60Weapon 
Hardened Hammer of Crystal Shards 60Weapon 
crude imbued xegonite spear 62Weapon 
Disease Imbued Maple Wand 10Weapon 
feyiron battle axe 31WeaponDropped
Barrow Flame Rapier 90WeaponDropped, Purchased
shaped forged feysteel rod 26Weapon 
Hammer of Divine Truth 56WeaponQuest Reward, Quest Item
Imbued Fulginate Scourge 40WeaponCrafted
Imbued Feysteel Shamshir 32WeaponCrafted
Blessed Ebony Quarter Staff 62WeaponCrafted
Smoldering Scepter 1Weapon 
Bulwark of Piety 29ShieldDropped
Fashioned Feysteel Idol 32Shield 
Corrupted Shadow Bonesplitter 25Weapon 
Boneyard Cestus 10WeaponDropped
shaped forged feyiron rapier 30Weapon