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Cloak of the Northlands 0Accessory 
Underfoot Freebooter's Cloak 0Accessory 
Clockwork Crusader's Cloak 0Accessory 
Cloak of the Hero of Oggok 0Accessory 
Cloak of Innoruuk's Chosen 0Accessory 
Shroud of the Peace Keepers 0Accessory 
Wings of the League 0Accessory 
Large Wings of the League 0Accessory 
Dragonskin Drape of the League 0Accessory 
Small Wings of the League 0Accessory 
Halden's Private Reserve (Alcoholic) 0 
Beer 0 
Glass of Mulled Claret (Alcoholic) 0 
Lucan's Lager (Alcoholic) 0Purchased, Quest Item
Teir'dal Blood Wine (Alcoholic) 0Purchased
Elven Wine (Alcoholic) 0Purchased
Halden's Pale Pilsner (Alcoholic) 0 
Oggok Swill (Alcoholic) 0Purchased
Chilled Vox Breath Beer (Alcoholic) 0 
Stein of Spiced Winter Ale (Alcoholic) 0 
Brell's Brew (Alcoholic) 0 
Blackburrow Stout XXX (Alcoholic) 0 
Kelethin Cooler (Alcoholic) 0Purchased, Quest Item
Goldenswill Stout (Alcoholic) 0Purchased
Jysolin's Special (Alcoholic) 0Purchased