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reptile reduction 0Item 
Evol machete 0ItemDropped
deadly spiders 0Item 
mapping beacon 0ItemQuest Item
"1st Lieutenant Mugreeza, 291 AS" 0Item 
"1st Lieutenant Mugreeza, 290 AS" 0Item 
"1st Lieutenant Dergud, 263 AS" 0Item 
"1st Lieutenant Danarg, 315 AS" 0Item 
"The Merchant's Deal" 0Item 
"1st Lieutenant Mugreeza, 289 AS" 0Item 
"Alliz Tae Ew" 0Item 
"Alliz Onu" 0Item 
"Alliz Tae Evol" 0Item 
"1st Lieutenant Dergud, 289 AS" 0Item 
"3rd Lieutenant Gerrog - Logbook" 0Item 
"1st Lieutenant Danarg, 291 AS" 0Item 
"1st Lieutenant Danarg, 313 AS" 0Item 
"Quotes of General Urduuk" 0Item 
"1st Lieutenant Dergud, 279 AS" 0Item 
a weathered parchment 0Item 
spine of a soul parasite 0ItemDropped
Scroll of Event Summoning 0Item 
a mangled necklace of fangs 0ItemDropped
a rock sample 0Item 
superb fleshgoyle hide 0ItemDropped