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malformed agate gem 0ItemCrafted
crude faceted agate 0ItemCrafted
pristine faceted agate 0ItemCrafted
faceted agate 0ItemCrafted
shaped faceted agate 0ItemCrafted
shiny mineral cluster 0ItemDropped
hand polished agate 0Item 
shiny philosopher's stone 0Item 
agate geode 0ItemQuest Reward, Quest Item
veiled agate 0ItemDropped
rough agate 0Item 
clouded agate 0ItemDropped
rough agate 0ItemPurchased, Harvested
rough agate 0ItemCrafted, Harvested, Quest Item
shaped agate gem 0ItemCrafted
pristine agate gem 0ItemCrafted
agate gem 0ItemCrafted
crude agate gem 0ItemCrafted
agate gem 0Item