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Clouded Spirit Eye 0Weapon 
Thexian Ring of Necroism 0AccessoryDropped
Fashioned Malachite Ring 0Accessory 
Flame Licked Amulet 0WeaponDropped
Spirit Sucker's Scales 0WeaponDropped
Fashioned Malachite Bracelet 0Accessory 
Maltena's Hoop 0Weapon 
Collected Shell Trinket 0AccessoryQuest Reward, Collection Reward, Shiny, Quest Item
Unargin's Smithy Apron 0Weapon 
Collected Feather Necklace 0AccessoryQuest Reward, Collection Reward, Shiny, Quest Item
Necklace of Boarfyr 0WeaponDropped
Fashioned Malachite Necklace 0Accessory 
Edgan's Ivy Brooch 0WeaponDropped
Eye of Chalandria 0WeaponDropped
Square Test Cloak 0Accessory 
Short Test Cloak 0Accessory 
Notched Test Cloak 0Accessory 
Diamond Test Cloak 0Accessory 
Shroud of the Shattering 0Accessory 
Cloak of Shimmering Faith 0Accessory 
Everling House Medallion 0AccessoryDropped
Everling Signet Ring 0AccessoryDropped
Prisoner Shackles 0WeaponDropped
Swine Lords Loincloth 0WeaponDropped
Deirdre's Rosary 0AccessoryDropped