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lead band 0AccessoryDropped
Flame Licked Stud 0WeaponDropped
Bright Ember Ring 0WeaponDropped
silver band 0AccessoryDropped
Tailored Waxed Belt 0Accessory 
Fashioned Simple Stud Earring 0AccessoryCrafted
Maltena's Brooch 0Weapon 
Fashioned Lapis Lazuli Ring 0Accessory 
Vercosan, Bishop's Ring of Nektropos 0Weapon 
Thexian ambasador's necklace 0Weapon 
regal bishop's chaplet of Nektropos 0Weapon 
Fashioned Lapis Lazuli Necklace 0Accessory 
Fashioned Lead Hoop 0Accessory 
Ember Emblem of Everling 0Weapon 
The Everling Emblem 0Weapon 
The Emblazoned Ring of Souls 0WeaponDropped
malachite bracelet 0AccessoryDropped
Fashioned Malachite Earring 0Accessory 
Fashioned Lapis Lazuli Bracelet 0Accessory 
cloth scarf 0AccessoryDropped
Bright Ember Necklace 0WeaponDropped
Maltena's Ring 0Weapon 
ruthenium torque 0WeaponDropped
Flame Licked Emblem 0WeaponDropped
Tailored Rawhide Belt 0AccessoryCrafted