The Green Hoods  

The Green Hoods are an elite band of resistance fighters located in Zek, the Orcish Wastes. Before the Shattering, this Force was a highly mobile regiment of the Qeynos Guard. They have since broken off to form their own organization while still aiding Qeynos however possible.

Tony "Vhalen" Garcia has said:

Ah! The Green Hoods, my second favorite fighting force in Norrath. The Green Hoods evolved from my interest in the real world U.S. Army Special Forces. Back in EQLive I created the lore for this unit of highly mobile soldiers that hailed from the Jaggedpine. This unit is an elite unit of the Qeynos Guard, but had its roots and training bound to the Protectors of Pine. Their original name was the Ghost Brigade. I barely mentioned them in EQLive, but I really wanted to revive them for the Age of Destiny. This is what I came up with:

The Green Hoods get their name from their distinct green hooded cloaks. They also wear a form of camouflaged leather armor. All members of this force cast away their old life and name. They are given nicknames that are related to their past life. The Green Hoods are a highly mobile division of the Qeynos Guard.

During the end days of the Age of Cataclysms they began a perilous war to retake the Orcish Wastes from the Deathfist Empire. They were badly outnumbered and soon found themselves disconnected from the Kingdom of Qeynos. These were highly skilled survivalists and soon found themselves living off the land. Slowly they began to free captives the orcs had enslaved. These slaves were of a variety of races including the ones often thought to be "evil". In order to survive, a great many escaped slaves trained with the Green Hoods and soon joined its ranks. Eventually, they shared the same goals and ideals. This how the Green Hoods have come to accept petitions for new recruits from all races, although few ever graduate to don the prestigious green hood.[1]

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