The Guardians of the Vale  

The once large halfling nation has been reduced to a few staunch stouts that strive to exist within the Enchanted Lands. These are the Guardians of the Vale, a peaceful people forced to raise arms in order to defend against the evil that has over taken their homeland.

The Guardians of the Vale are what is left of the honorable halflings in Rivervale. Most of Rivervale has become corrupted by the forces of evil. The guardians of the Vale stand against those forces, and against the Runnyeye Goblins. They have allied with the Oakstrider Treants in their cause.

Categories: EverQuest II | EQ2 Factions
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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
A Crazed Thief36-37   RivervaleNo
A Deceptive Thief36-37   RivervaleNo
A Maiden Of Midnight39-40   RivervaleNo
A Maiden Of Midnight39-40   RivervaleNo
A Vale Maiden39-40   RivervaleNo
A Vale Nymph38-39   RivervaleNo
A Vale Temptress39-40   RivervaleNo
Banker FargroveRivervaleNo
Barmaid RosalineRivervaleNo
Bartender Berrystein40   RivervaleNo
Bartender Blestbarrel41   RivervaleNo
Beanna InktoesRivervaleNo
Biddy BobickEnchanted LandsNo
Bindo Halfbottom30   RivervaleYes
Breldig Guzzlesea42   Enchanted LandsYes
Captain GullyshankEnchanted LandsNo
Chani Northfield38   RivervaleNo
Clay Trodden40   RivervaleNo
Darly Brookwaters39   RivervaleNo
Deputy Bristletoe44   RivervaleNo
Deputy Carver43   RivervaleNo
Deputy Crookfellow43   RivervaleNo
Deputy Crookfellow39   Enchanted LandsYes
Deputy Farweed41   Enchanted LandsYes
Deputy Fuzgrout42   Enchanted LandsYes
Deputy Greenhill41   RivervaleNo
Deputy Grovewander41   RivervaleNo
Deputy Guraffin42   RivervaleNo
Deputy Hawkeye40   RivervaleNo
Deputy Hillview42   RivervaleNo
Deputy Humblefoot40   RivervaleNo
Deputy JumbellyEnchanted LandsNo
Deputy Oakstout42   RivervaleNo
Deputy Shallowfoot40   RivervaleNo
Deputy Shiretrod39   Enchanted LandsYes
Deputy Slyfoot41   RivervaleNo
Deputy Spurrfire42   RivervaleNo
Deputy Stonewall45   RivervaleNo
Deputy Strongroot40   RivervaleNo
Deputy Surlip42   Enchanted LandsYes
Deputy Tipple38   Enchanted LandsYes
Deputy Underthorn40   RivervaleNo
Deputy Wicksnip40   Enchanted LandsYes
Dusty Gustrin42   RivervaleNo
Edwyn Oakshire37   RivervaleNo
Felderin Beddleknopps38   RivervaleNo
Fredwen GoldsyrupRivervaleNo
Gimble Featherfinger40   Enchanted LandsYes
Grizzlemaw37   RivervaleNo
Gubbo ChaleyEnchanted LandsNo
Hethren Silvershire43   RivervaleNo
Historian Elderoak40   RivervaleYes
Hobs Fleetfoot39   Enchanted LandsYes
Ivy Dewshine43   RivervaleNo
Janna Windleaf37   RivervaleNo
Juno Oakbranch37   RivervaleNo
Kanto Guinders43   RivervaleNo
Kelbri MossbornEnchanted LandsNo
Lana GuzzleseaEnchanted LandsNo
Lesly Riverwhisper40   RivervaleNo
Liddy BobickRivervaleNo
Lissa Warmwind40   RivervaleNo
Merchant Alefirst41   RivervaleNo
Merchant Rosewood36   RivervaleNo
Merchant Timbertop38   RivervaleNo
Merrin Northfield38   RivervaleNo
Miner CarefreeEnchanted LandsNo
Miner GurginEnchanted LandsNo
Miner MudfootEnchanted LandsNo
Murial Silvershire41   RivervaleNo
Nebble Greenthumb40   Enchanted LandsYes
Nedrin Deeppockets41   RivervaleNo
Nerri Crowtoe41   Enchanted LandsYes
Nerrith Underroot40   RivervaleNo
Niloo Riverbend40   RivervaleNo
Norma Vineweaver39   RivervaleNo
Pugden Mistymorn37   RivervaleNo
Rando VineweaverRivervaleNo
Sarma SingebellowsEnchanted LandsNo
Seelya Spoolfingers41   RivervaleNo
Seher BeanbrewerEnchanted LandsNo
Sheriff Anrey Scarfoot47   RivervaleNo
Sorris Grubbelly40   RivervaleNo
Sprella Rushwater42   RivervaleNo
Tamli Warmweather40   RivervaleNo
Terryn Brookwaters40   RivervaleNo
Thorpe36   RivervaleNo
Tilla Oakshire37   RivervaleNo
Tobi Wanderhill38   RivervaleNo
Treedin Merrythorn40   RivervaleYes
Trubba Golden41   RivervaleNo
Turl Jumkeg41   Enchanted LandsYes
Valerunner42   RivervaleNo
Yania Wanderhill42   RivervaleNo