A Mysterious Green Tome  

Needs8 items
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A Mysterious Green Tome
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A language page!
A language page!

The items in this collection are special pages with the name a shuffled page over them. These are all ground spawn pages found in the zone indicated to the right. There is a 15 min respawn on the pages, although actual position may vary by as much as 10 meters from the given location in the zones listed unless noted differently below in the list of Items in this Collection.

When the collection is complete, you can turn it in to any Collector NPC for your reward and a very nice chunk of experience.

Items in this Collection

All of the pages spawn within the Swamp of No Hope in the Fens of Nathsar.

  • a shuffled page 1 - near -2098,-17,1046
  • a shuffled page 2 - near -2572,-84,1384
  • a shuffled page 4 - near -2388,-35,1563
  • a shuffled page 6 - near -2102,-30,1577
  • a shuffled page 8 - near 33,-66,-299
  • a shuffled page 9 - near -81,-66,-204
  • a shuffled page 11 - near 151,-116,-211
  • a shuffled page 15 - near 152,-117,184

Froak Language
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Find the Freed Froglok
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