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CollectionLevelCategoryItems Req.
Poked Out Peepers82Runnyeye: The Gathering11
Possessions of Gynok Moltor82Shadow Odyssey10
Talisman of the Great Anashti Sul82Shadow Odyssey10
Abyssal Carpet Fragments80Kurn's Tower6
Ancient Bone Chips80Kurn's Tower6
Ancient Sathirian Volumes80Emperor's Athenaeum6
Anemone Arms80Shadow Odyssey6
Artifacts of the Libant80Shadow Odyssey10
Bar Glasses80Tradeskill7
Blood Runes80Shadow Odyssey8
Brokenskull Pirate Peglegs80Shadow Odyssey8
Brokenskull Pirate Sashes80Shadow Odyssey8
Burynai Eyes80Kurn's Tower6
Canvases of Mayong80Shadow Odyssey10
Chart Fragments80Tradeskill10
Crushed Skulls80Emperor's Athenaeum6
Darkened Void Weapons80Shadow Odyssey8
Deathfist Forge Scraps80Tradeskill6
Dimensional Baubles80Shadow Odyssey8
Draconic Talismans80Kunark4
Dryad Leaves80Live Events5
Excavation Trinkets Collection80Trinkets12
Fae Fireflies80Tradeskill5
Faydwer Flowers80Tradeskill6
Fishman Scales80Kunark8