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CollectionLevelCategoryItems Req.
Fearstalker Remains90Sentinel's Fate6
Flora of Velious90Destiny of Velious8
Forgotten Trinkets90Destiny of Velious5
Gardens of Erudin90Sentinel's Fate6
Gems of Ketahn Akh Sul90Silent City: The Delving Dead5
Gems of the Crystal Caverns90Destiny of Velious6
Glowing Runes90Silent City: The Delving Dead5
Glyphed Relics90Sentinel's Fate6
Golden Scarabs90Silent City: The Delving Dead5
Iceshard Keep Soldier Symbols90Destiny of Velious8
Kael Drakkel Workforce Signets90Destiny of Velious7
Kerig'Dal Relics90Destiny of Velious8
Kromzek Medals Collection90Destiny of Velious8
Kromzek War Relics90Destiny of Velious7
Kromzek Warrior Badges90Destiny of Velious7
Library of Erudin Murder Weapons90Sentinel's Fate6
Mammoth Fur Collection90Destiny of Velious8
Masks of the Tallonites90Sentinel's Fate7
Memories of a Cursed Bride90Destiny of Velious5
Memories of Velketor90Destiny of Velious5
Mummified Food90Silent City: The Delving Dead5
Ning Yun Beads90Sentinel's Fate5
Order of Rime Battle Relics90Destiny of Velious7
Othmir Curios90Destiny of Velious7
Quel'Ule Research Manuals90Sentinel's Fate4