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In April 2015 Station Cash was renamed Daybreak Cash to reflect the company's name change.

For all EverQuest II items currently available via Daybreak Cash, see: Station Cash Items.

Daybreak Store is Daybreak Games's real-money market which allows players to buy Daybreak Cash for real money and use it in-game to purchase experience potions, fluff pets, appearance gear and house items. Future merchandise may include real life posters of in-game player characters. This service went live with the patch on 12/09/2008.

The exchange rate is $5 USD for 500 .

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Accessing the Marketplace in Game

There are several ways to access the Marketplace in game:

  • Click the "Shop Now" button on the welcome screen.
  • If you are using the default UI, Click the SC button on the bottom right of the XP bar.
  • Press Esc to get the EQ2 menu, then choose "Marketplace". Here you can add Daybreak Cash to your "wallet", and purchase items.
  • Type /marketplace in your chat window.

Accessing the Marketplace from Character Select

Additional Character Slots and expansions can be purchased form the Character Select window.

Wallet Limits

Limits: [1]

  • Maximum Wallet Balance: 50,000 SC ($500.00)
  • Maximum Amount per Transaction: 30,000 SC ($300.00)
  • Maximum number of Transactions per 24 hour period: 8
  • Maximum Amount in Purchases per 24 hour period: 30,000 SC ($300.00)

Gifting Daybreak Cash Items

Gifting is restricted to items (not services or Daybreak Cash). Free members cannot gift. For Gold members, your account must be active for at least 31 consecutive days. Current Knowledge Base Gifting FAQ

  1. There is a 2 gifts per 24 hours limit on gifting. [2]
  2. Select the item you'd like to send as a gift.
  3. Click the "Gift" button in the lower right of the Marketplace window.
  4. A mail window will open with the item as an attachment. Enter your friend's name. You can send cross-server by adding their server name as in chat: ServerName.FriendName (see Communicating Between Servers for more information on formats.)
  5. Confirm the gift on the next window.
  6. Your gift will be sent to the recipient via the mail system. Our test gift took maybe 3 to 5 minutes to be delivered.

Select item and click "gift"
Type in friend's name
Confirm the purchase
Recipient gets mail
Gift is attached to mail
  1. ^ SOE Knowledge Base article on SC limits.
  2. ^ Official Forums

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