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There are a number of Factions within Kunark, all at odds with one another. The primary focus is between the Sarnaks of Gorowyn and the Sathirian Iksars. Caught in the middle are the Residents of Teren's Grasp, a city built by the survivors of the Overthere and the outpost of Firiona Vie.

Just to complicate matters, The Ring of Scale has risen once more, with the aid of their very close kin, the Droag from Kingdom of Sky. The Sarnak and Iksars both have claims to Dragon blood, so just who's side will the Ring come down on? Or, are they playing a game of power all their own....

And as if the Sathirian weren't bad enough without their dead leader, there are rumors of the return from death of the infamous Iksar necromancer and Emperor, Venril Sathir.

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Broken down by main zone, or zone you first run into them.

Many of these factions reside in a camp with merchants, menders, bankers and brokers, but will only trade with Allies. The merchants often carry unique items.
In these camps will be quest NPCs that will help you to raise your faction with their camp.

Timorous Deep

Kylong Plains

Fens of Nathsar

  • Riliss - An Iksar city. (Friendly)
  • Bathezid's Watch - A Sarnak city. (Friendly)
  • The Bellywhumpers - Burynai tribe on the east side of Field of Bone. Bellywhumpers Burrow has a mender and merchants, as well as quests for faction and a Sokokar Post. (Friendly)
  • Exiles of Droga - Goblin and Giant exiles have found common cause, providing a haven to the Southwest of Field of Bone. The Drogan Exile Camp has a mender and merchants, as well as quests for faction and a Sokokar Post. (Friendly)

Kunzar Jungle

Jarsath Wastes

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