eq2 quest:We Can Rebuild  

EverQuest II
[Scales] We Can Rebuild (Solo)
Category: World Event
To start: ( -612, 175, 989 )

Command of the Gnomish language is required to start or complete this quest.

Start this quest by speaking to Tinker Thermald at -612, 175, 989 (inside the building near the Great Gear) in Gnomeland Security Headquarters. The quest is repeatable once per year.

I met Tinker Thermald, a celebrating gnome in Steamfont Mountains who offered me a drink of his special cask-strength gnomish spirits. In the spirit of Tinkerfest, I accepted!

  1. Click the barrel that appears next to Tinker Thermald
  2. Speak to a dream figment
  3. Head into the zone to find the six named mobs
    • An Adventurous Fighter can be found around -134, -24, 97 (near ramp in). Drops the King's Cog.
    • An Adventurous Wizard can be found around -126, -22, 163 (south of fighter). Drops the King's Pin.
    • An Adventurous Coercer can be found around -22, -4, 8 (NW-most path). Drops the King's Speech.
    • An Adventurous Bard can be found around 3, -12, 107 (far west room). Drops the King's Resistor.
    • An Adventurous Scout can be found around -56, -13, 204 (SW room). Drops the King's Gear.
    • An Adventurous Coercer can be found around -183, -36, 4 (NE room). Drops the King's Capacitor.
  4. Return to the entrance of the zone and speak to the dream figment
  5. Speak to the possessed clockwork
    • You'll automatically return to Steamfont Mountains
  6. Speak to a concerned gnome at -612, 175, 994 to complete the quest


Quest Series

Occurs annually in late summer.
(Introduced in 2015)


Dialogues are from the Test server and are subject to change.

(coming soon)

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