eq2 achievement:Bits and Baubles  

Points: 10
Type: Live Events
Subcategory: Tinkerfest
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EverQuest II

Bits and Baubles
Craft a collection of uncategorized Tinkerfest bits and baubles
Craft an Ornate Gold Gear
Craft a Compact Mana Battery
Craft Tinkered Fan Blades (Active)
Craft a Tinkered Titanium Gear Shaft
Craft a Carbonite Spin Wheel
Craft a Ratcheted Sprog Arm
Craft a Crude Stove Flute
Craft a Carbonite Roller
Craft a Flanged Rhodium Widget
Craft a Titanium Hexagon Gasket
Craft a Tinkerer's Conburnable Chamber
Craft a Dismantled Clock Assembly
Craft a Welded Rhodium Fuel Barrel
Craft a Welded Rhodium Band

After completing this achievement, both the Ceiling Mounted Carbonite Cog Chain and the Floor Mounted Carbonite Cog Chain will be unlocked on the Tinkerfest merchant, Myron.

Shopping List

Occurs annually in late summer.
(Introduced in 2014)

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