Spiroc (EQ2 Mob Race)  

Type Avian
Language Volant
See the Bestiary for a list of all mobs in this race.

The Spiroc are a race of Avians living in the jungles of Kunark. They are brightly colored, like terrestrial parrots, and are accomplished fighters and magic users.

Fifty-odd years ago, to aid in their ongoing fight with The Ring of Scale, they awoke theSarnaks, intending to use them as soldiers. The Sarnak had other ideas and, after a war of liberation, threw off the yoke of their new masters. This has left some continuing animosity between the Spiroc and the Sarnaks.

Known Flocks (Tribes)

  • Haoaeran (pronounced wha-rare-ahn) - The spirocs of Haoaera, a nest/city on the Isle of Mok in the Timorous Deep, led by Mon Haoaera. It is not known if this is his true name or, which seems more likely, a rank-name perhaps meaning "King" or "Supreme Leader".

The following titles are awarded for killing Aviaks:
  • Hunter of Aviaks - 500 kills
  • Slayer of Aviaks - 5000 kills
  • Destroyer of Aviaks - 10000 kills
Your current slayer status for this and other huntable races may be checked at any Slayer Status poster.

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