Ogre (EQ2 Character Race)  

Racial Information
Starting Cities
Starting Attributes
ClassesPriest, Fighter
ProfessionsArmorer, Weaponsmith, Provisioner
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Ogre: The Juggernauts of War

  • Racial Homeland: Oggok
  • Mythical Creator: Rallos Zek
  • Traditional Role: Fighter

The unparalleled strength of an ogre lends itself well to becoming a fighter, which most of them do; however, it is not unheard of for ogres to take on the path of the mage.

No other greater race is more physically imposing than the ogres. Their fat-layered, muscular bodies are covered in think battle-scarred skin, coarse and bumpy and hideous to most. Their heads are often barren of hair, their dense skulls stronger than some helmets. An ogre's mouths can have curving tusks up to five inches long. Their limbs are like tree trunks; anything held in their grasp will most likely be snapped.

The ogres are a massive race created by Rallos Zek. Built for warfare, these hulks long ago ruled an empire that encompassed most of Norrath. Eventually they mounted a massive army to challenge the Rathe Council in the Plane of Earth. For demonstrating such pride, the Rathe laid a curse upon all of Zek's creations, crippling their intelligence and causing their empire to crumble. Ogres became the pawns of the other races, remaining largely confined to their crude stone huts in the Feerrott when not engaged in small-scale conflicts. When the gods eventually withdrew from their planes, the veil was lifted from the minds of the ogres. They had just begun rebuilding their culture when they were visited by the Avatar of War, who had been ordered by Rallos to organize a new Rallosian Empire designed to wipe out all the other races from the face of Norrath. The ogre's high commander, General Urduuk, broke a pact that Rallos had made with Cazic-Thule by taking control of Cazic's temple and the gate to the Plane of Fear. For again demonstrating such pride as to insult the gods, the Avatar of Fear unleashed the dreaded Green Mist, wiping out nearly the entire ogre race just as they were on the verge of conquering Qeynos and Freeport.

Despite the hardships that have resulted from their devotion to their creator, ogres continue to faithfully worship Rallos Zek, albeit quietly. A clerical caste has developed in their society, though they also continue to honor their shamanistic tradition. All forms of worship are performed as if they were military ceremonies, rituals fit for the gods of war.

Come hither
My deception of deep
Fair I am
My secrets unfound

I await your finding
For I am your next clue

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