Language Sellers (EQ2)  

Most player languages (except for PvP specific ones) can be bought in the major cities of Norrath, including Teren's Grasp. The Qeynos vendors do not sell evil Primers, nor do the Freeport vendors sell good Primers. Neutral city Linguists sell all Primers.

If you cannot find the merchant, ask a guard for a "Linguist."

Languages & Sellers

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Ayr'Dal (Half Elves)

Di'Zokian (Sarnak)

Dwarven (Dwarves)

Erudian (Erudites)

Faerlie (Fae)

Feir'Dal (Wood Elves)

Gnomish (Gnomes)

Gorwish (Sarnaks)

Guktan (Frogloks)

Halasian (Barbarians)

Kerran (Kerra)

Koada'Dal (High Elves)

Oggish (Ogres)

Ratongan (Ratongas)

Sebilisian (Iksar)

Stout (Halflings)

Thexian (Dark Elves)

Ykeshan (Trolls)

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