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A Personal Bank
A Personal Bank
A Bank is a place where you can store items and money. Access your bank by talking to any Banker NPC, found in most city zones and other places around Norrath.

Personal Bank

The personal bank has twelve slots for a character's storage and eight shared slots which may be accessed by all characters on an account, with some exceptions:

  • All characters must be in the same realm (ie: characters on Test cannot access a shared bank on Live or Extended)
  • On PvP servers, Good and Evil on the same account have separate shared banks; they also get four extra shared bank slots to compensate for the storage spavce.
  • On EQ2 Extended the number of slots available varies by membership level.
    • Gold and Platinum get full access to all 12 bank slots and all shared bank slots.
    • Silver gets access to 3 bank slots and two shared bank slots
    • Bronze gets access to 2 bank slots, but has no shared bank access.

You can increase your storage space by adding bags and boxes to your bank slots. LORE items can go in your shared bank slots, but cannot be picked up by characters that already have that item. HEIRLOOM items are normally untradable specifically allowed to be traded between characters on the same account via the shared bank slots.

Guild Bank

A Guild Bank
A Guild Bank
Access your guild bank by right-clicking any Banker NPC and selecting "Guild Bank" or "Access Guild Bank" from their menu.

LORE items can go in the guild bank, but cannot be picked up by characters that already have that item.

The guild bank starts with four tabs with 10 slots each. Available bank space will grow as your guild levels up; you'll gain an additional row of 10 slots in each tab at guild levels 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 80. Guild leaders can grant and restrict access to the guild bank tabs through the guild window.

Bank UI Modifications

There are many bank customizations available at EQ2 Interface.

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