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Like Kelethin, Gorowyn is an open city within a zone, rather than a separate zone or group of zones. Gorowyn is located in the Timorous Deep, inside of a dormant, but still very much living, volcano.

Gorowyn is technically Evil because it is allied with Freeport, but is tolerant of visitors.

New teleporter disks now exist to take you instantly between The Wards and the Timorous Maw.

Points of Interest

  • Faydedar Watch ( 2372,19,1365 ) (aka Gorowyn Docks)
  • The Academy of Warfare ( 2547,161,1244 ) (Fighter trainers)
  • The Arcane Erudition ( 2646,67,1162 ) (Wiz, Coercer, Portal and Teleport trainers)
  • The Assembly of Gorowyn ( 2750,86,1250 )
  • The Breathing Pools ( 2548,113,1055 )
  • The Conservatory of the Reborn ( 2694,137,1355 ) (Warden, Fury and Portal trainers)
  • The Dragon's Anchor (Tavern, Scout trainers)
  • The Grand Athenaeum ( 2661,67,1347 ) (Research Facility)
  • The Prime Concourse ( 2535,115,190 )
  • The Shadowed Seminary ( 2690,107,1172 ) (SK, Necro, Defiler, Inquisitor and Warlock trainers)
  • Timorous Maw ( 2390,21,1352 )
  • The Upper Concourse ( 2530,115,1205 )
  • The Wards ( 2722,123,1149 ) (Crafting and Housing)
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Getting Around Gorowyn

The old lifts have been removed: now ramps interconnect all areas, although you may go around in circles to get where you're going. Just inside the entrance to the Breathing Pools is a teleport pad that will take you directly to the housing and crafting area.


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September 23, 2009

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