Expansions (EQ2)  

Expansions are major content additions to EverQuest II and must be purchased. As of late 2011, all players get free access to all content through Sentinel's Fate. Subsequent expansion must be purchased individually.

Adventure Packs were smaller content releases that were free to those with a Station Access account or could be purchased for a small fee. They are now included in current content packages.

Title Type Date
The Shattered Lands Initial Product Launch November, 2004
The Bloodline Chronicles Adventure Pack March 21, 2005
The Splitpaw Saga Adventure Pack June 28, 2005
Desert of Flames Expansion September 13, 2005
Kingdom of Sky Expansion February 21, 2006
The Fallen Dynasty Adventure Pack June 14, 2006
Echoes of Faydwer Expansion November 14, 2006
Rise of Kunark Expansion November 13, 2007
The Shadow Odyssey Expansion November 18, 2008
Sentinel's Fate Expansion February 16/23, 2010
Destiny of Velious Expansion February 22, 2011
Age of Discovery Expansion December 6, 2011
Chains of Eternity Expansion November 13, 2012
Tears of Veeshan Expansion November 12, 2013
Altar of Malice Expansion November 11, 2014
Rum Cellar Campaign April 28, 2015
Terrors of Thalumbra Expansion November 17, 2015
Kunark Ascending Expansion November 15, 2016
Planes of Prophecy Expansion November 28, 2017

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