EQ2 Quest:The Truespirits' Lament  

EverQuest II
[Scales] The Truespirits' Lament (Solo)
Category: Jarsath Wastes
To Start: Speak to Daleen Blackwood at Grim Stormshield's Hunting camp in Jarsath Wastes ( -1411, 234, 97 )

Something bad is happening with the wildlife of Norrath. Some have been marked by a Truespirit, though which one, we're not sure of yet. Daleen Blackwood has joined me on this journey, as she's been deeply affected by whatever is happening, and is even more interested in finding answers.

  1. Speak to Yeomal Fallenecho at 514, -32, -255 outside the Temple of Life in North Qeynos (good aligned chars). Speak to Izius J'lok at -66, -8, -121 outside the Temple of War in North Freeport (evil aligned chars)
  2. Find the Cult's hovel in Loping Plains. Click on the cellar door at -397, 13, 12 within the Village of Somborn to zone into Sellok's Hovel.
  3. Kill the Sellok cultists.
  4. Speak to Ral-Gatha at the end of the corridor. ( -46, -46, -50 )
  5. Kill Ral-Gatha.
  6. Speak to Daleen.
  7. Leave Sellok's Hovel (click the grate on the ceiling above Daleen).
  8. Speak to Ral-Gatha just outside the hovel in Loping Plains.
  9. Speak to Daleen again.
  10. Return to Yeomal Fallenecho in Qeynos or Izius J'lok in Freeport.
  11. Head to the beach of Nektulos Forest and zone into Sellok's Hideout at 1050, -0.54, -335 .
  12. Run to the end of the corridor and back to Daleen, then speak to her.
  13. Pick up the green shinies. There should be six total for the collection Axiom of Ral-Gatha. Add them all to the collection.
  14. Speak again to Daleen. This turns in the collection.
  15. Enter the Spiritual Wound in the corridor at -32, -46, -47 .
  16. Confront Ral-Gatha.. again.
  17. Speak to Daleen... again.
  18. Leave the spirit wound then speak to Daleen in the hideout.
  19. Head to Butcherblock Mountains and retrieve the arrow by clicking on the stone block at 731, -7, -313 . This is in an underwater cave (the entrance is at 737, 12, -260 ).
  20. Return to Yeomal Fallenecho in Qeynos or Izius J'lok in Freeport.
  21. Return to Daleen in the hideout on the beach in Nektulos Forest.
  22. Speak to Daleen and re-enter the Spiritual Wound.
  23. Fight Ral-Gatha one final time. At some point, Daleen will fire the arrow and the fight will stop.
  24. Pick up the arrow, talk to Daleen and the spirit. Exit the Spiritual Wound.
  25. Talk to Daleen again to finish the quest.


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