EQ2 Quest:The Man with the Tinkered Eye  

EverQuest II
[100] The Man with the Tinkered Eye (Solo)
Category: Tradeskill
To start:


  1. Charles has promised no more explosions, but he needs you to retrieve parts he lost when his laboratory was overrun.
  2. Go to the entrance for Maldura: Algorithm For Destruction (Heroic) at -107.63,1.36,45.33 to retrieve a box of spare lenses. You can find them on a shelf by the second platform that's a bit to your left. NOTE: There's a container that appears to hold crystals on the left by the same platform. Disturbing this container will activate the defenses of the area, turning all of the powered down clockworks into hostile defenders. Unless you're looking for a heroic group level fight, don't do this. If you do, you won't be able to retrieve the box of lenses without a fight until you're able to reset the instance (usually 90 minutes if you don't kill anything). Take the box of lenses, and then find the three dead assistants in the immediate area and gather their eyepieces.
  3. Return the parts to Charles for your reward.

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