EQ2 Quest:The Essentials of Battle  

EverQuest II
Tears of Veeshan
November 12, 2013

[95] The Essentials of Battle (Solo)
Category: Tradeskill
To start:


See the shopping list and locations of Cardin Ward crafting stations below the walkthrough.

Get this quest from Catha Firebolt during or after the quest Fond Memories. She wants you to talk to the defenders.

  1. Speak to several Wayard Defenders just to the east of Catha. After speaking to all three you will receive Notes on Wayward defender's requests and the recipe Recipes for Wayward Defenders' Supplies is put in your recipe book.
  2. Come up with some recipes using Recipes for Wayward Defenders' Supplies and an Engraved Desk. You will get three new recipes in your recipe book.
  3. Make an Amplification Crystal (Work Bench), a Refreshing Ale (at a Stove & Keg), and an Arcane Orb (Work Bench).
  4. Give the Amplification Crystal to the Wayward magus, the Arcane Orb to the Wayward arcanist, and the Refreshing Ale to the Wayward priest (all in the immediate vicinity of -437.88, 15.09, 66.89 .
  5. Return to Catha.

Shopping List and Crafting Stations

  • Workbench -332, 15, 5
  • Engraved Desk -324, 15, -4 and -311, 15, 4
  • Stove & Keg -304, 12, -38


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