EQ2 Quest:The Captain's Lament  

EverQuest II
Tears of Veeshan
November 12, 2013

[93] The Captain's Lament (Solo)
Category: Tradeskill
To start: ( -50, -2, 93 )


  • You must be a level 94 Tradeskiller to receive the mail to start this quest.

After receiving mail, speak to Captain Ethan at -50, -2, 93 in The Village of Shin. Captain Ethan wants you to find a way to the Ethernere.

  1. Speak to Keevan Fastmarch in the Feerrott in the camp near the spires at -123, 14, 180 .
  2. Find Ghostclaw on the beach at 127, -7, -88 .
  3. Travel to the Stonebrunt Highlands (the Feerrott Spire is the closest way to get there), and talk to Researcher Tahar in Quel'ule ( -200, 367, 589 ) .
  4. Study the Bundle of Ulteran Spire Technology you were given. It's in your inventory: right click it and select examine, then "Create an experimental recipe."
  5. You receive a recipe and a number of components. Scribe the Experimental spire device plan.
  6. Create a Spire Device at a work bench using Geocraft. You will need 1 Effulgent Coal, which you can get from Sata, near the Work bench at -133, 366, 614 in Quel'ule.
  7. Take the Unattuned spire device you created back to Ghostclaw on the beach in the Feerrott.
  8. You are given an Armlet of Ethernere to disguise you as a "recently departed." Note that it must be both equipped and activated.
  9. Travel to Loping Plains to the Somborn Cemetery.
  10. Target a departing spirit there and attune the spire device. You are transported to Obol Plains.
  11. Tether the spirit anchor in "A convenient location," marked on your map at -515, 0, -61 . Click the green shiny.
  12. Take the Spirit Anchor to Captain Ethan in The Village of Shin.

You can now use the Spirit Anchor behind the Captain to travel to Obol Plains. Do so, and speak to Vanesta Leaftraveler for the next quest.


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