EQ2 Quest:Stranger in Distress  

EverQuest II
[100] Stranger in Distress (Solo)
Category: Tradeskill
To start:


  1. Speak to Brytthel to find that she needs bandages badly. Pick up her bag (it's across the tunnel from her) and you'll get the bandage recipe and a portable loom.
  2. Go get 2 fibrous roots near 431.49,85.73,399.72 . Take care not to engage the nearby guards even if you're capable of fighting them off. They'll be your friends before long.
  3. Next, go get some cave fungus near 331.67,127.77,233.94 . Again, be aware of the nearby guards as you fly in.
  4. Make the bandages you'll need on the portable loom.
  5. Return to patch up Brytthel and get your reward.

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