EQ2 Quest:Searching for Clarity  

EverQuest II
Game Update #66
Scars of the Awakened
April 30, 2013
[95] Searching for Clarity (Solo)
Category: Tradeskill
To Start: This quest is offered after you complete Questions for the Quartermaster,

  • At least 1 34 65 44 

Finish talking to Quartermaster Fahris for Questions for the Quartermaster and you get this quest.

  1. Speak with Kssshi at 4352, -821, 300 .
  2. See what kind of materials are available in the camp:
    • At 4351, -821, 418 , beside the Ammunition merchant, is a pile of crates. Examine the crates and check your inventory.
    • Examine the Firestone. Take notes on both Shield and Sword improvements.
  3. You need to upgrade the sword and shield.
    • Scribe Notes: Upgrading the Common Shield and Notes:Upgrading a Common Sword. These are both level 92 recipes made with Geomancy at the forge. There's a forge near the Mender at 4335, -821, 455 . In addition to the materials you found you'll need 2 effulgent coal.
  4. Return Kssshi's equipment.
  5. Talk to Quartermaster Fahris.
  6. Speak with Quentin, inside the big tent at 4405, -821, 415 .

Questions for the Quartermaster Cobalt Scar Crafting
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Proving Them Wrong
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